It’s late. I climbed the steps to my rooms and as always scanned ahead for letters. They wait for me on the steps. Tonight as I ascended I caught the flash of white, and I rushed forward. There was an envelope there, artfully stamped. I didn’t have to pick it up to know that a rejection lay within. You get a feeling for that.

The Czechs are a precise people; when there is a lot of bad news they stack it carefully, so at first glance you might mistake disaster for misfortune. There was not just one envelope waiting for me, but three. I haven’t opened any of them yet, but I know what’s inside.

5 thoughts on “Dammit

  1. We are calling it the Blizzard. Aser may have more info. Really be patient with it. Cause I have another 10 episodes of my vampires in queue and still not done!! Wont even go to the fun Jer stuff ahead.


  2. Something is wrong with the Cold Fusion pages; html and php pages are fine. Damn, I sound smart. Actually, that’s what Josh told me to put on the “Request for Service” email when all I could do was run around screaming helpful things like “WTF?”

    Anyway, the webhost hasn’t replied, so I think they had some major problems. All our files should be intact, though. Looks like our issues will be bumped back a week. I’m trying not to get too angry about it, as all that adrenaline and no one to pound into dust is just unhealthy.

  3. I am sorry for your frustration, but must admit I am happy. I am used to it being me doing something numb. Also I don’t do cookies which makes a lot of websites unhappy.
    Hope you situation gets worked out. cheers.

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