Cyberspace Winter 2011 Early Registration Deadline Tonight

This is just a reminder to those out there who enjoy the Cyberspace Open that registration closes tonight. It’s a fun contest, and a good way to spend a weekend. In a nutshell, you are given a prompt and you have a weekend to write a scene that would fit in a a feature-length screenplay that fits the prompt.

CORRECTION: Originally in this episode I said tonight was the deadline for entering. It turns out tonight is the deadline for early entry, which is cheaper. You can still register after today.

Even if you don’t pay to participate officially, I encourage the writerly types out there to play along. Just because you won’t be judged doesn’t mean you can’t have fun writing to the prompt.

As usual, I’ll be posting my round-one entry here. Even if I don’t make it to round two, I’ll write to that prompt as well, and post that here for the amusement of all.

See you in the winners’ circle!


4 thoughts on “Cyberspace Winter 2011 Early Registration Deadline Tonight

      • Ha! They showed us!

        Dear pL;

        We are very excited about the new 2010-2011 Cyberspace Open.

        However, a combination of circumstances beyond our control has made it necessary to extend the entry deadline and contest start date. The new contest entry deadline is Midnight February 13, 2011, and the premise will be posted February 18.

        These are firm dates, and there will be no more extensions.

        We deeply regret any inconvenience that this may cause you. If you conclude that you cannot or do not want to participate in the contest due to this new deadline, you may have a full refund, with our apologies and our appreciation for your interest.

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