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39 thoughts on “All the guest poems

  1. Jer, I sent you an email on “SSDC update” a little while back. If you could use the “ninja” pic I sent to you as my poem pic, I’d be digging it.

  2. One Squirrel Ninja

    Uses stealth, cunning, and claws

    To screw a lightbulb

    Two Squirrel Ninjas

    Use stealth, cunning, claws and fear

    To screw all of us!

  3. One more in my “Haiku Homebrew Tour Down Memory Lane”:

    Amber chile beer

    Mild burn with notes of compost

    Red Ant — nasty stuff

  4. Did you explain it as you had previously?

    Beer = Good

    Chiles = Good

    Chile Beer = Bad

    I don’t know how much simpler you can get.

  5. It was in describing the nature of the badness that things got difficult. I could describe people’s reaction to it, from the first sip (“Hey, this isn’t as bad as you guys said it is…”) to the third sip (looking again at the bottle to make sure it’s the same beer the first sip was) to the fifth (last) sip (“No, you were right. It’s bad”).

    But the flavor itself defied description. Maybe there are words in Czech that will help. I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Jesse,

    One of my late (Decadent Period) homebrewing experiments was a chile beer, that I named Red Ant in your honor.

    I took it to a beer-themed party with a number of home-brewers in attendance. Jerry describes the reactions accurately.

    By the end of the party, Red Ant I was being used as a punishment drink in a drinking game — “You lose! Now drink the Red Ant!”


  7. As long as some of us have employers who force IE upon us, I am confident Jer will try to keep the site working with IE; it just won’t work as well with IE as with Firefox.

    BTW, if you’re having problems with the header at the moment, those are appearing with Firefox too. It’s a universal glitch, and not a sign of persecution.

  8. The site will always work in IE, but I’m not testing any of the CSS on that platform. There’s just no point. Currently the header always comes out right on Safari and IE Mac. That Firefox will render the same thing differently depending on circumstances makes the problem hard to chase down.

    I also have little control over the recent comments part. My code sends a request to one server, which sends a request to the Haloscan server. The first server then takes the info from Haloscan and turns it into HTML and sends it to me. There are plenty of places for that to go wrong, but none that I control.

  9. John, I absolutely have to reply, because you have made such a good comparison to ground conditions at Five O’Clock Somewhere.

    It is snowing now,

    Lots of pretty winter fluff

    Then it melts, makes mud.

  10. I had another thought about that poem in the header — it seldom changes in the normal course of things, but if I go to the poll or the photos, it will be changed with I come back. Is there a way you could add a button to click to see a different poem?

  11. each time you load the page, there is a 60% chance the poem will be a guest poem. Reloading the page should cause it to do the math again.

    I could probably do some fancy scripting to just update that part of the page, but I shudder to think of the debugging process over the different browsers.

  12. I see, in front of my eyes appear the famouse movie of life, which is not ending tonight, just start in the morning. Am I dreaming? I love it!

  13. Brian,

    It’s a true… + and + is –

    this is a mathematic’s law not a murphy’s…

    I did hear about the green chile beer…

  14. screw this haiku crap

    you can’t dictate what we write

    you dont own us, man

    (me new, me stick round to read for a while. dance for me, dance!)

  15. i am smacked down by

    the illustrious feugo!

    my words meant no harm

    i only meant fun

    thought some obstreperousness

    would fit in okay

    forgot to think how

    a stranger’s words come across.

    …my head is pulled in

  16. Jerk’s cover has been blown more often than Valerie Plame’s.

    (Starting the egg timer now for Keith’s next salacious comment.)

  17. Keith, I knew we could count on you to reply.

    pL – happy landings to your leapings.

    Jer, John, Jesse – Cheers to you and yours!

    Happy New Year – official and observed – to all MR&HBIers and their kin. (Of course, the use of the word “kin” is a tip of the hat to the contingent from the great state of AR.)

  18. Does anyone else think Keith’s egg timer sounds a lot like a party bell?

    Whatever became of the final element of the Emma Dome’s beer runs, anyway?

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