Little Buddy – The Podcast!

Showing kindness to others is its own reward – especially when the ‘other’ is a three-headed kitten.


The long-overdue third in the series; I almost forgot how to do all this stuff. I did figure out why the audio quality was so different last time, but hell if I kept having problems with plosives this time around.

I also learned once more that writing for a performance and writing for readers is different. In some places I made edits to the story to help keep it clearer who was talking, and perhaps I should have done that a little more. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result. One of the downsides to using my favorite stories first is that I make my mistakes on them. Once I’m rich and famous I’ll go back and redo the first ones as well.

Anyway, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Little Buddy – The Podcast!

  1. It’s a beautiful 70F here in the trianiangle on oughto oughto day. My iPod went froom little buddy to little dreamer by van halen to little girl blues by Anita O’Day. It was a most enjoyable and diverse jog.

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