Road Trip Supplies: Then and Now

The following is a simple table of the food I bought for my solo road trip a few weeks ago and the food my sweetie and I packed for our trip together this weekend. You may draw your own conclusions:

Solo With my favorite road-trip partner
Beef Jerky Honey-Roasted turkey sandwiches on sourdough mini-baguettes
A big container of cookies A big container of cookies
Half-gallon of cranberry juice A whole bunch of fruit juice boxes
Almonds The same package of almonds
I could swear there was something else baby carrots
Packed in the grocery bag they came in. Packed in insulated bag with blue ice.

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Supplies: Then and Now

  1. I’m glad you asked!

    Gatorade is underrepresented on the list because we bought most of the supplies for the last road trip at Costco, and I didn’t want that much Gatorade. On my soIo trip I stocked up at Trader Joe’s, and they don’t carry the stuff. On this last trip I did buy some Gatorade at a pit stop on the way back north, but I didn’t try to put things bought on the way in the list. Just too complicated, and too much remembering involved, and so forth.

    In the continuing saga of Gatorade marketing, it’s now G2. I wonder if all the name permutations are to hide changes to the formula that make the product less effective as a thirst quencher, e.g. more sugar.

    As for music, my travel partner and I have quite compatible tastes. We followed the strategy of “find a tolerable station that plays music with electric guitars and stick with it” until on the way back north on highway 101 we hit a no-good-radio zone and switched to my iPod. If my copilot hated any of the tunes that played she didn’t skip over them.

  2. Actually, Gatorade now has two permutations, G, which is apparently the original Gatorade, and G2, which is a supposedly new and improved version. The G2 supposedly has just as much energy, but fewer calories. Since, as anybody who knows anything about physics knows, calories are simply a unit in which energy is measured, this definition doesn’t make sense.

  3. I guess gatorade extreme and Gatorade AM didn’t last. The people that made those up have been fired and now work for Listerine. What you say makes me suspect all the more that all the new Gatorades (including the “old” Gatorades) are sweeter. The original didn’t have much in the way of energy; it was designed to replace electrolytes.

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