More is Better

In the Official Muddled Dog’s mind, there are three things more awesome than anything else. Food, belly rubs, and tennis balls. I don’t know who invented the modern tennis ball, but if dogs had a museum his statue would be out front. As any tennis player will tell you, however, it’s only a matter of time before a tennis ball is nothing more than a tattered pile of rubber fragments and colored fuzz. It pays, therefore, to buy in bulk.

My sweetie came home from Tennis Balls R Us yesterday with a 12-pack of the fuzzy toys and OMD did not need any prompting to claim the entire bag for herself. Hilarity (and pictures) ensued.

My sister asked if Official Muddled Dog had any positions besides “prone”. I’m happy to answer yes, as long as there’s a tennis ball around. The third shot of the set demonstrates that maybe shooting at f/1.2 isn’t always the right choice — could have used a bit more depth of focus there.


2 thoughts on “More is Better

  1. I promise this will not become a “pictures of my dog” blog, but there will probably be some every now and then, for two reasons:
    1) it’s good practice, and
    2) people are asking for them. I work with a dog-loving bunch of folks.

  2. My Sweetie reports that a mesh bag of avocados home from the store caused similar excitement. You can say “wow that dog can’t tell an avocado from a tennis ball” but I prefer “wow that dog is so smart she has associated the packaging with the fun inside.” Which makes her only as stupid as we are.

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