First Day of Work

I went to bed last night almost-employed, knowing that my start date would be soon. This morning I was awakened by the phone ringing, and learned that today was my first day. I got my act together, shoveled down a bowl of cereal, brushed my teeth and off I went.

I am now an Apple employee. Well, a contract employee working at Apple. I have my own cubicle, a phone (hooked up tomorrow), a laptop and big monitor, and a badge that gets me into buildings I couldn’t get into before. I’ll be putting together tools to help their Finance department to finance stuff more easily. On the side I’ll throw the WebKit team some code now and then.

I am told that tomorrow afternoon I may regret not having a nerf gun.


4 thoughts on “First Day of Work

  1. Gerald and Scratch were just playing with Gerald’s Nerf gun last night. His is a semi-auto pistol and his ammo is the suction-tipped sort; he doesn’t have the traditional soft point or whistling rounds. Range seems to be 10 yards max.

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