I had a friend named Venus once. Her father thought that was a feminine name. He went into the hospital to have surgery done to try to save the sight in one of his eyes. They operated on the wrong eye; now he’s blind.

Venus told me that in college she had been engaged to a guy named Jerry Mars. If they had married she would have been Venus Mars.

Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine,
A good friend of mine, follow the stars,
Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

-Paul McCartney

7 thoughts on “Venus

  1. Fantastic pics.

    Say if you want we can use ichat. I can share some Mp3’s with you. E-mail me. Or I could put a few in my public folder.

    Let me know.

  2. Think of it this way. If I was sitting next to you right now, would you let me burn you a cd of mp3s? It’s called sharing.

    Software is a different story altogether.

  3. I was pretty happy with this entry. I wanted to keep it at the top, but I was afraid that people coming back to the site would see it and not notice that there were new postings. I’ve been a busy, busy boy lately.

    Thanks for the music offer. I may well take you up on it shortly. I’ll drop you an email when the time comes.

    The difference between sharing and stealing in this case can be resolved in a couple of ways – I delete the songs after listening to them, or I eventually pay for the tunes. Simple enough. Sharing good.

  4. Incidentally, over where I have my photo gallery you can see larger versions of these images and even print them. I didn’t load up really big versions, though, so if you want a high-res version let me know.

  5. I have actually looked at all the photos. I hope you weren’t driving to fast when you did the pictures of yourself driving…

  6. Speed limits are surprisingly slow around here. I had wondered where some of the pics went, and today I discovered that I had accidentally had my camera in movie mode for a while. Since I didn’t know I was taking a movie they’re pretty jumbled. I’ll try to post one. It’s funny for about 2 seconds.

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