The Importance of Being Paranoid

I realized last night (OK, someone whacked me upside the head for not figuring it out sooner) that I’m on the cover over at Piker Press this week. It’s a story lacking in any sort of nutritive value (to borrow the Piker’s tagline), but I like it. It makes a good April Fool’s sort of story. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Paranoid

  1. I didn’t whack you per se. That would be well….wrong. Right? Oh wait, this is from the gal who wrote a disturbing werewolf tale. Maybe you’d prefer the whack. *grin*

  2. My favorite aspect of the story is the muddied time period, probably entirely of my own perception. Being familiar with the author’s past work, I started the story assuming Phillip Marlowe’s noir 1930’s, then read “stun gun” and was thrown into a science fiction future, before “taser” brought me right back to today, confirmed by other existent technology references.

    My favorite line: “I finished my business and washed up, one hand at a time.”

    Second favorite line: “You are irrational, but you’ve been getting predictable. We can help you with that.”

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