Jer’s Software Hut Returns!

Deep below the Earth’s surface, in a steaming chamber somewhere between the Hayward and San Andreas faults, there is motion in the dancing shadows cast by the guttering torchlight. Dark, twisted creatures stir. They move slowly, their once-lean haunches soft from months of torpor. They shamble from their stony sleeping-nooks into the work chamber, and one by one they take their accustomed positions on the capstans. The great wheels resist at first, then start to turn with a shriek that slowly fades to a rumble.

From the throats of the horde comes a deep ululation punctuated by coarse barks, a sound that reverberates through the chamber until it has no source, merely presence. It is enough to weaken the knees of even the stoutest hero, a sound to chill the most stalwart heart.

The creatures are singing.

Though fearsome in sound, it is joy they express; the sublime joy of one who had no purpose being useful again. Far above them, in a peaceful neighborhood San Jose, those turning capstans once more power the forges and shrieking spark-throwing wheels of Jer’s Software Hut.

On the slab in the middle of the laboratory a figure stirs; what once was dead now breathes again.


4 thoughts on “Jer’s Software Hut Returns!

  1. Hi Jer,

    When I was running Tiger on the old iBook I bought a copy of Novel Writer. It has been the only WP I have been able to do big projects on. No kidding! And I have tried everything. In fact when I had to switch to Linux on the iBook, because Tiger just started to get too slow, I really missed that app. In fact it is the only app I have ever missed. But now I’m in Snow Leopard with a new Mac. I gave Novel Writer a good work out this afternoon, and it worked just like always, quicker than most of the others I have tried. If I have to pay for another key, I will. I lost the flash drive the old DMG was on. Don’t suppose it would work anyway. But that drat payment frame that keeps popping up bugs me no end. What should I do? If I donate will I get a key? How ’bout $20? Or should I just wait, pay you later? I hope you are back for good and able to keep up the maintenance. I’ll be testing with big files for a few more sessions, then, if everything works, I have two big novels I want to write. I have been thinking about these books for thirty years. Already I feel at home.

    Best of luck. Later. Paul

    • Hey, Paul, I sent you an email, but I figured I’d answer here too, just so other folks could stumble across it.

      Do you remember the name on your key? I have a bunch of Pauls, some Paolos, and even a Pavel or two, but none with your last name. Did you perhaps register with a different name?

      In any case, I’m happy to make you a new key if we can’t match you up with the old one. Just let me know what the name on it should be and I’ll send it right over.

  2. Hi, Jer!

    So I’ve got about 100,000 words in two files on Novel Writer. It doesn’t seem like I can pay for a key. Which or where do I go? I need a key. Love Novel Writer, but have doubts about nag window, though I am trying to figure out a use for it. I hope to visit one day. I travel with goats. (See Thanks for the cool app.

    Later. Paul.

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