Howdy, Neighbor!

As the Information Age plunges on, we find the definition of “neighbor” changing. We have our geographic neighbors, but more and more our closest neighbors are people who might be thousands of miles away. It’s kind of cool.

One of the great things about neighbors is that they watch out for you. When bad things happen, your neighbors are there to help. The people who live near my house seem like a good bunch; ol’ George sits at the top of the list (based on charisma) but Lois is not far behind. If they need a hand I’ll give it, no questions asked.

I’d like to extend that to my online neighbors. I have a big-ass hard drive (well, medium-ass) and I can back you up. CrashPlan makes it easy and it’s free. Your data will be strongly encrypted so I can never figure out what it is I’m backing up for you. But if a meteor (or a power surge) strikes your home, at least your data will be safe.

Don’t think too hard about this. Just say, “Yeah, Jer, I wouldn’t mind having my most important stuff backed up outside these walls.” There’s really no reason not to.


7 thoughts on “Howdy, Neighbor!

  1. I’m in. Let me know if you’re at capacity, and if you’d like me to filter my backups (e.g. no Applications). -b.

    • It turns out I had my drives mixed up a little, and I’m going to do some rearranging this weekend. I’ll let both you guys know.

  2. OK, storage is in place. Jesse, as far as I can tell, in a few more days your backup will be in place, at least for that computer.

    I’m going to send both of you a quick potentially-so-basic-it’s-insulting CrashPlan quick-start guide, because apparently the invitation mechanism they have does not provide one. (File under ‘missed opportunity’.)

    I think, Bug, that I’m going to ask you to wait a few more days until Jesse’s original lump is transferred. Or we could find another way to move all them GBs.

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