Well, now I’ve gone and done it! I have a short-term job, helping to program up a fancy Web-based learning management system for a couple of companies in the medical industry. I didn’t really look for the job, but it found me anyway.

This month is going to be pretty crazy; and I won’t have nearly the time to get ready for the World Fantasy Convention now. On the other hand, I’ll be able to pay rent. That’s pretty important, what with this being the rainy season and all. Don’t know what’s going to happen to the ol’ blog here; I was a little bit employed at the start of my homeless tour and still managed to keep things alive, so let’s hope.

Long ago, when I was dabbling in radio, a mentor told me “if you have a safety net, you will fall into it.” I had a safety net, a job programming computers. I fell into it. I’m going to have to be very, very careful that I don’t allow that to happen again.


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