Could Someone Do a Quick Test for Me?

I wonder if any Microsoft IE/Edge browser users out there would mind taking five seconds to pop over to and check the little red thermometer-thingie on the left. It should do an animation to show partial progress toward a goal. I’ll be trying to test it myself, but we don’t call our Windows machine “The Anger Box” for nothing.


It should end up looking like this.

It should end up looking like this.

A little more background for the curious:

It’s easy to put simple animations directly into SVG images, to scoot things around and whatnot. The embedded-in-SVG style of animation is based on SMIL. Microsoft has taken the position “we’re not going to support that, because there are better ways to do animations, like with CSS.” They’re right, for certain definitions of “better”, but to take full advantage of the better aspects of CSS animation one must jump through some hoops — especially if you want to adjust the animation at run-time. So, if “better” means “simpler”, then not so much.

But now my plugin’s hoops are through-jumped, and to my eye, animations are smoother in all browsers (hardware acceleration is more consistently available to CSS-based animations), so it’s a win all-round. Safari still leaves annoying trails in some circumstances, but overall things look pretty sweet in the mainstream browsers. Although, as mentioned above, to date I have no idea how it looks on Microsoft’s IE/Edge browsers. Any help in that regard would be welcome.

2 thoughts on “Could Someone Do a Quick Test for Me?

  1. This is just funny: “Oh, Microsoft, I thought you were the standards-compliant one now. ”

    There are virtual machines you can rent over the web (some are free, but busy). While looking for the one I’ve used in the past, I stumbled over this, which looks promising:

    If you ever need static screen shots (not applicable here):

    More possible leads here (I had previously used this product):

    • Thanks. The VM approach worked for me.

      So my virtual conversation with Microsoft went like this:

      Me: My SVG animations aren’t working.
      Microsoft: Internet Explorer doesn’t support SMIL animations built into SVG because CSS animations are way better. Use CSS animations.
      Me: *grumble*

      I change the animations to CSS.

      Me: OK, they still don’t work.
      Microsoft: Oh, Internet Explorer doesn’t support CSS animations on SVG either. I know you were reading our own documentation about it to learn the above; maybe we should have mentioned that part.

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