A little help?

I’m getting the sweet-o-meter reinstalled. The old one broke and there was confusion about versions and so forth and in the end I decided to go with another plugin that seems to be more actively maintained. This one is fancier, but the creator really didn’t imagine all the different ways people might want to customize something like this. As a result I’ve been tinkering under the hood.

To get things right I need to see what it looks like when someone besides me has voted for an episode. Can someone out there click the “sweet” button at the top of this episode? Thanks!

14 thoughts on “A little help?

  1. Thanks, guys! Getting the number to set correctly is the last hurdle. Amazes me that there still isn’t a decent Javascript debugger. I’ve been using Venkman – the one that comes with Firefox – and it pisses me off. It might just be inexperience with the tool, though.

  2. I notice that, unlike the previous incarnation, when I come back a day later, it still says “Thanks” and doesn’t allow me to vote again. No more ballot-box stuffing, I guess.

    • One more quibble, though, that I noticed a moment ago when trying to “sweet” another post … when I try to click on the blue text that says “sweet,” nothing happens. I have to click on the thumbs-up icon to register that I think the post is sweet. If the text is not actually a hyperlink, it should not be blue. And if it is blue, it should be a hyperlink.

    • Neither the sweet-o-meter not the moon widget is mine (I never finished that particular time-sink). For the Moon widget you can go to the source by clicking on the moon. The link to the sweet-o-meter original code (without my modifications) is in the episode, or you can install “WP Likes” through the WordPress admin.

      You probably don’t want my code just yet.

      The “Sweetest Episodes” sidebar widget had a link to his site, but it was hard-coded in, which is considered unethical. (You also won’t be able to make it say “Sweetest Episodes” without changing the code.) I’m torn about whether I’ll restore that link when I’m done tweaking. People really won’t get the same type of counter I have.

  3. I’ve got the number-updating thingie worked out, so all that’s left is styling the sweet-o-meter. Right now the button in the page is starting to reflect my own inimitable design style (cpu-eating shadows! woo!), so I’m good with it for a while. I’ll be turning my attention to the sidebar list of sweetest episodes next. It needs a certain something.

    Pretty soon I’ll be deleting the sweet votes from this episode, so it doesn’t dominate the rankings, but I’ll leave my own votes, scattered through the annals of the blog. If someone else stumbles on one of those episodes and sweets it, it will be a blast from the past in the sidebar.

    I’m kind of divided on ballot-box stuffing. The new sweet-o-meter is much better at preventing repeat votes. I could tweak the code to undermine it, but I’ll wait a bit first and see how things go. Anyone have an opinion?

    I strongly encourage you to go back and find favorite episodes to vote on, some of the ones that were popular before. If you put a comment on it, you can campaign for someone else to second your motion and get it into the sidebar. Ain’t that something!

    Yes, that is a flagrant bid to stir up discussion here. So sue me.

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