1,000,003 Words!

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It has happened. Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas has rolled over the odometer and has blasted well beyond the 1,000,003-word line. I decided to celebrate by taking the day off work to throw out a bit of a redesign here; the old code simply did not support some of the cool new WordPress features I’ve been wanting to leverage. A ground-up rebuild is long overdue.

Even when you start with a fairly clean off-the-shelf theme, however, a great deal of fiddling and tweaking ensues. Some of the old widgets, like the colorful tag cloud and the sweet-o-meter, seem to be awol right now, and I’m not sure about the typography for reading my longer-winded treatises.

Also missing, and a little more difficult to bring back, is the poetry feed that was playing in the header. I’d like to bring it back, but at this moment I’m not sure where to put it.

What do you think? Too dark? Please leave comments here on the blog, while I work on getting the styling of the comments on the blog looking right.

Later tonight, after the celebratory single malt, I will compose the Inevitable Retrospective Episode.


7 thoughts on “1,000,003 Words!

  1. An occasional change is good to re-engage the shopper. See REI rearranging their store layouts once or twice a year.
    What can you do to wake up/re-engage the Sharks?

    • Man, I wish I knew. After the last game the Official Sweetie of Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas said, “We shouldn’t have washed your shirt.”

      OSMRHBI has long been a jinx to Sidney Crosby. She has now named that jinx “Lucille”, because it picked a fine time to leave her.

      Chia Brent Burns is looking good, though.

  2. Of the widgets you mentioned no longer present, you didn’t mention one of my favorites/most used: latest comments in the right column. That’s a good way to see where the action has been since I last visited/commented.

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