bad news is illegal

OK, I see where the desire of the media to use those images for their own agenda would be objectionable to the families and to the servicemen themselves, but you can’t help but wonder about the timing. Never has an administration been in the position of sacrificing the lives of Americans at such a rate in a war that is ostensibly over. I would love to see Wolfowitz explain to the mothers of those slain servicemen how the sacrifice of their loved ones was worthwhile as it furthered his personal vendetta against Iraq. The dude was jonesing to go over there long before 9/11. Before that day, his opinions were being sidelined. After that day, his agenda became US policy, over the objection of many cabinet members. It will take us decades to repair the damage he has caused.

Where was Bush? You don’t really think he’s making the decisions, do you?

4 thoughts on “bad news is illegal

  1. Hey Jer, we all know that lil Bush promised his daddy that if he got to be president, he’d go after that bad ol’ Saddam cuz he (Sadman) tried to off dear old dad. Wolfowitz is totally owned!

  2. Yeah, in light of revelations since then, I have to give Wolfie’s bosses more credit than I did back then. They were jonesing for Iraq at every level of the cabinet.

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