Today I watched an insect die
An ant, with wings
Must be that time of year.

It was tired, expired, done
but still it tried to fly
It had nothing else to do.


4 thoughts on “Ungraceful

  1. here an ant with wings

    there salmon at river’s source

    no more to live for

    here a human gets old

    hot flashes night sweats mood swings

    ain’t giving up yet

  2. Inspired by the New Beetle convertible I followed up the on-ramp, on this morning’s commute:

    When driving around

    the city and town

    I sometimes meet a convertible

    more often than not

    they’ve raised up the top

    to me, I find this lamentable

    there is a proud few

    the pure and the true

    who know ‘rag-top’ is a call, is a tao

    I salute my friend Jer

    with the wind in his hair

    and the sunshine bright on his brow

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