Haiku for You

Haiku for You

rise from blow-up bed
rub eyes, stretch, scratch, yawn, make tea
and get back to work

23 thoughts on “Haiku for You

  1. So tired this morning I couldn’t even count to seven. It’s fixed now… And the beta has been delivered. Less work for a while now.

  2. Nice. Please don’t take my response as a lack of respect:

    Pants are down again

    many people come running

    to hoist them back up

  3. Now I’m thinking Haiku randomizer. I don’t think my efforts in this thread are worth immortalization, but it would be fun to put visitor’s haiku up in the header, with proper credit.

    So I’d like a lot more material from the creative element out there, and I’d like permission to use it.

    Please expect some lag time before this Half-Baked Idea is implemented. In the end, though, It’ll be HOOT!

  4. TO randomize existing poems, or, like CA’s program, randomize new poems. If you mean existing ones, I’ll try to help bolster the numbers.

    A puppet Count counts

    zero one to one zero

    laughter wells within

  5. It would be with pre-canned haikus. I suppose I could write something to make up poetry, but the poem up there is an image, and unless I can get everyone in the world to install that font I just won’t be able to get the same results with live text.

    There are programs to allow a server to generate images on the fly. I’ve even used one, but I don’t remember much about it. Overall, however, I think showcasing the poems written by everyone would be more fun. I’ll have to see what tools I have lying around for making those images after I don’t have access to Leza’s photoshop anymore.

  6. Yer gonna have to get the haiku spirit into everybody – can you make it mandatory that everybody who visits has to write a haiku in order to enter the site? That said:

    Barking dog flashes

    Shutter clicking one more time

    Protons fly and bounce

  7. I suppose a little editing goes a long way…

    that line oughta be

    more like ‘indifferential.’

    asshole cannot count.

    Have to say I’m enjoying the haikus!

  8. kid at summer camp

    one week music, one week Scouts

    peace and quiet, right?

    house undefended

    squirrels attack in rainstorm

    doorbell will not stop

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