Burning Words

Burning Words

There are words in my head
“fifty-six” I said just now
out loud, for no apparent reason
They are sounds, nothing more
They bang about up there
ugly tourists

If I smoked
I’d write each word on a cigarette
and burn it
hear it crackle as I inhaled
watch the paper glow and draw back
the numbers most of all must go


2 thoughts on “Burning Words

  1. I’m petty sure Internet Explorer breaks whenever I publish a poem. I’ll take that as a compliment. Can anyone confirm or deny that IE currently does not work? I don’t have a copy handy.

  2. It certainly looks better in Firefox (3.0.5) than Explorer (6.0.29): explorer has it shoved 2/3 to the right within the white box, and in a narrow column which breaks the lines up and adversely affects the flow and structure of the poem.

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