We have a location

We have decided. Bonnie has agreed that she can make the Wild Horse Mesa Bar look like it’s not a pit. Each time we get in there the place looks a little better. Genie explained that she had not realized how run-down it had gotten (she owns another, larger bar with actual patrons and everything). So when she finally came out and looked at WHMB she was displeased. Now there’s new paint, stuff on the walls, and she brought in some other people to give the place a good cleaning.

While Bonnie took measurements for a fake wall with a door to the fake kitchen, Genie asked me what we were up to. I hedged a little bit, trying to introduce her to the idea that would be making some temporary modifications more gently. She was worried about our shooting cutting into her business hours, but when I pointed out that there would be thirty people thirsty from a long day’s work for several days in a row, she came around.

When we got back it was time for the big party so everyone on the movie could meet each other. Only… not all of the cast even knew yet that we wanted them on the project. Traditionally the casting people tell the actors, but while the Duke City caster called some of the cast, she didn’t call all of them. She expected our Assistant Director to do that work. I have dubbed our AD “Seldom Seen Smith Jr.” He’s working on a TV series called Wildfire and doesn’t have time to spend on our project. We need a new AD, and we need him last week.

Music is another issue that has been constantly on my mind. While there have been no events large enough to make the blog, music is a critical element that we haven’t nailed down yet. We had a few people express interest, but most of them have fallen through. Now

* * *

And that’s as far as I got the other day. Time is nuts, man. Sunday’s (or perhaps Monday’s) episode will be devoted to the question of music. All you have to know now is that the party was good, the crew was really starting to gel, but they all thought I was joking when I referred to the feature film to capitalize on the success of the TV series. They’ll find out.


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