Can Someone do me a Favor?

It’s not a big deal; I just need someone to remind me that I do NOT need the Canon 85mm f1.2 L II lens. Really, I don’t. It doesn’t matter that this lens allows one to shoot with incredible control over the depth of field, nor is it important that the almost-circular aperture produces lovely “bokeh” (the highlights in the out-of-focus region are often hexagonal or octagonal in most lenses, projecting the shape of the aperture inside the lens). On top of that, I have lights now, so the excellent performance in low light is not nearly as important as it once was.

And 85mm is too long for most of the shots in our little “studio” (which resembles a living room much of the time). Sure, when I get in close for some of my favorite shots there may be no better lens on the planet, but that’s — what? — maybe 20% of my total on a typical shoot with Harlean (who is a fiction). Maybe even less.

Sure, if I were to start taking pictures of other, less fictitious models, in roomier conditions, and if I had the skill and could control my light well, then this lens would be the crown jewel of my little collection.

But I don’t. And I’m not. So, could someone out there remind me that I really don’t need that dang lens?


3 thoughts on “Can Someone do me a Favor?

    • Your sister was similarly unhelpful. :P

      Not mentioned in the episode is the price of the lens. It would be the most expensive item in my kit – and used ones go for about 90% of the price of a new one.

  1. And here I was going to ask how is your new purchase, Jer? *grins* never helpful when it comes to photography as you may recall I grew up with a darkroom in my house (not just the ones without lights! complete with Boden color enlarger and all the chemicals that now are considered toxic more than likely).

    Now that I am out of the house mom just finished converting the room to a ‘butler’s pantry’. Yeah….*sob*

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