After the Shoot

Did a photo shoot with Cricket LaFaux last night. At some point I’ll show you some of the pics. Here’s the living room at the end of the evening.

After the Shoot

The aftermath of a photo shoot with Cricket LaFaux


9 thoughts on “After the Shoot

  1. Hi Jerry,
    remember your wonderful novel writer? The forum you set up for it? In the moment, it’s about to be flooded to uselessness by a spammer. Which is a pity.


    • Thanks for the heads-up, floater. I’ve kind of been dreading going over there lately, after I saw the spam hell that iBlog survivor’s forum had become. In this case, cleanup was actually pretty easy.

  2. You like how I dropped the name Cricket LaFaux in there like of course everyone knows who that is? Like she was on the cover of Vanity Fair or something? Yeah, we’re not quite to that level yet…

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