X-Games to the Left, Soccer to the Right

I am surrounded by TV screens, all showing things that resemble sport. In soccer, a Mexican team is playing a Spanish Italian one. I have to say I was pulling for Guadalajara over Seville or wherever Juventus comes from. [Um… Turin, actually.]

I didn’t see the goal, but I did see a few supposedly macho men lying on the grass crying. Not as many as I expected, which just goes to show you how far this league is from earning my respect. Only four episodes of babyism in the second half? That’s progress! I’d like to think the boys from North America spent less time on the soil than the Europeans.

Meanwhile, my left eye and right hemisphere have been absorbing X-Games. I watched an event where kids rolled their bikes down a ridiculous slope, up a ramp, through the air (tricks ensue) and then, if they land, they have a chance to do one more trick. I’d say maybe 30% landed the first flight. Probably less. These kids fell a long, long way, sometimes with a bicycle in the crotch, and when things came to a rest they took a deep breath and walked off, trying as hard as possible to NOT look hurt. A nice departure from the soccer.

And yet. Does the double-front-flip or the backflip-with-the-bike-spin score higher? That’s for the judges to decide. Ultimately most of the events in the X-Games are slightly-more-dangerous figure skating. Contestants do stuff and someone else decides who wins. Interesting, occasionally entertaining, but not satisfying from a sporting point of view.

When does hockey season begin again?

3 thoughts on “X-Games to the Left, Soccer to the Right

  1. Surely you must have appreciated the American women’s team victory over Brazil in the World Cup where the Americans scored the tying goal two minutes and 56 seconds into 3 minutes added for an “injured” Brazilian woman taking too long to get off the pitch. Sweet Justice!

  2. The sports bars here in Florida have a few TVs and usually wifi. The one walking distance from my place Bru’s Room is a chain that has pretty decent bar food and more than just Bud on tap (makes a mental note to write them down for Jerry). They also have a trivia bar game that you can play instead of watching soccer and X-Games. At times the trivia game becomes more interactive than the sports and everyone is yelling out answers in a drunken stupor.

    And they have good wings! Hockey is a few months off so I take the wings with blue cheese :)

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