The Science of Fishnet Stockings

This discussion will be hampered without diagrams, but I’m not about to draw anything right now. Let’s all appreciate the fundamental property of the fishnet: when viewed straight-on, they are practically invisible, and when viewed from the side, they are practically opaque.

What this does is make the fishnet-encased leg look not just more slender, but more well-defined. The subtleties of the muscles are amplified. The curves and contours of the calf and thigh are enhanced, making the resulting skinniness a healthy, athletic sort of skinny. I am, as I write this, comparing fishnets with dark stockings (all in the name of science, of course), and the difference in leg enhancement is striking.

3 thoughts on “The Science of Fishnet Stockings

  1. Once I wore fishnet stockings for a Halloween costume. The mesh on the bottom of the foot suck. If they fixed that I’d wear them more ;)

  2. I’m always astonished how much pain women will go through in order to look good. I don’t even like regular stockings. Yeah, I like the look of fishnets, but I’m not about to torture myself for that appearance.

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