Stackers know stackers

Tonight I was in the crossfire of a discussion between a new parent and expectant parents. The subject of appropriate toys came up (a subject I was not shy about participating in), and blocks were mentioned. You know what I did with blocks? I stacked them. The yellow pillars were good for altitude, but the red wedges were where the elegance happened. Until tonight, I had forgotten those stacks.

As I sat reminiscing, thousands of miles away another friend was writing me an email. You see, during my wanderings I have enjoyed the hospitality of a Piker family in Central California. More gracious hosts you will never find, but it is Lillian who makes the visit special. Within minutes of our first meeting (seconds, actually) she was attached to my leg, and I never really could figure out why.

Until now.

Now that’s an elegant stack. The kid’s a natural.

6 thoughts on “Stackers know stackers

  1. Actually, the wedges, like the pillars, were yellow. The red ones were rectangular. Now, the orange rhombi, those were interesting to work with.

  2. Well, perhaps my memory of the blocks is more recent than Jerry’s, since Gerald played with them as a toddler.

    Hmmm … soon, I guess it will be ZoLee’s turn to play with them.

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