Pop Quiz!

In the parking structure at my workplace today, I saw the following license plate:


The question: What kind of car was it? Leave your answer in the comments here.

There’s no prize except the certainty that you are smarter than everyone else.

6 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!

  1. In fact it was a Tesla, as folks pointed out over on Facebook. The license plate commemorates the conflict between Edison and Tesla back when electricity was young.

    • I was at a family reunion at Angel Fire, New Mexico. My iPod doesn’t deal with your blog gracefully, so Facebook was my only avenue to demonstrate my genius.

        • out of curiosity, how is that done? I ask, because I had my astronomy class explore some asteroid impact websites, and I didn’t bother signing up for the computer lab because they all had smartphones. Turns out, a few of the websites wouldn’t work on their phones. Not having a smart phone myself, I didn’t realize this was an issue. Now I have to reserve lab time if I want to do anything webby.

          • Were you to look at ye olde Muddled Ramblings and Half-baked Ideas on a smart phone, you would see pretty much the same thing you see here, but really, really tiny. In general Web sites work OK, but they’re not made for a tiny screen and they are difficult to read and navigate. Smart Web designers create a different version of their sites for mobile users, that doesn’t indulge in things like sidebars – the small area forces attention directly to the content (and advertising) at the expense of side-channel communication.

            Web sites that straight-up don’t work may use plugins that phones don’t support, like Flash.

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