Today I was served a huge meal by my brother’s wife’s brother’s girlfriend’s mom. She had almost no warning that we were coming, and we had no intention of staying for food, but there you have it. We were in southern Bohemia, two kilometers from the Austrian border. As had been the case the night before, the conversation was almost entirely in Czech, but I did get a little more tech support. There was a story about our host, who had been a border guard during the communist times until he got caught helping people escape into Austria. I never did learn what happened next.

4 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. Awww, man, we gotta know what happened next.

    On an entirely un-related note: Jer aptly demonstrated hyperbole when talking about Gibraltar. What is hubris? I wonder if the person in my neighborhood, with the small white car, with the 6-inch gothic lettering in the windshield, that proudly proclaims DAEWOO, knows.

    You know Yugo
    1980s reminiscences
    But howcome?
    no one ever mentions Le Car?

  2. I tried to crank down the window on my le car to order some freedom fries. But the crank broke.

    [begin stream of commentness]
    I don;t know why…but for some reason I was thinking about beef jerky on the commute home. And then I wondered if Jer could get beef jerky in CZ. Do the czechs make beef jerky? I know Jer gets red cross packages of green chile. Which reminded me of MaK rhapsodizing on green chile. She has awesome fractured english. Like poetry. And that reminded me of Jer’s blog episode about him setting up pL’s surprise visit. MaK being all confused as to why Jer wants her at that particular bar. Call me a romantic, but I have to nominate that as (one of many of my) a favorite episode. So put it on the list. And I say, if beef jerky doesn’t naturally lead you to romantic thoughts, then you’ve got a heart made of tofu.
    [end stream]

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