Czech Tipping

In Prague, when I tip as much as I do in the US, I am met with looks of stunned amazement. Then they figure I’ve just had too many beers and didn’t know how much money I was giving them.


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  1. Yes, works.

    In England, rather than giving bartenders tips, regulars occasionally offer to buy a drink for the bartenders. I don’t know how it will be received, but you definitely need to learn to say “May I buy you a beer?” in Czech sooner rather than later.

  2. For once, Mr & K is close, his idea would work, but would still be met with looks. The way it’s done is to round up the bill so that it is easy to make change. For example, if the bill is 175 kc, you, as a forigner would probably pay 200kc (although the Czechs would give 180), and if the bill was 195kc, you should give 200kc. They don’t work for tips, and that’s why you don’t have the friggin waiter checking up on you every 5 minutes at the end of the meal. They leave you in peace until you want to pay because it doesn’t matter how many tables they serve, they still make the same.

    Chcete něco k pit’? (cchhhehhseytay neyetso k pitee?)= would you like something to drink?

  3. Here in LR we always offer a seat at the table when the are off shift. And if they join you the beer is usually free or the “forget” to add it.

  4. Actually, depending on the waiter, the service I have been getting is very attentive, but since I have my laptop open and I’m writing, I’m not looking for being disturbed often. I get about the same service in the CR as I get in the US. (The difference bere bring that one of the waiters is trying to teach me czech, while another doesn’t bother asking if I want another beer.)

    Back on my old turf I certainly spent plenty of time drinking with bartenders (both off duty and on), but when I’m writing I’m no fun to be around.

  5. I have a question for Lee. Are you and Marianna going to be going through Texas on your way back to Los Alamos? If you are, I can show you the same bars and waitresses here in San Angelo that your brother was so impressed with.

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