A Stray Thought…

“If I stole her purse, she’d have to talk to me.”

7 thoughts on “A Stray Thought…

  1. Walmart is currently under fire for selling a T-shirt that says something along the lines of, “Stalking is just another way to say I love you.”

    Just make sure you steal her purse…

    and not her underwear…

    and then wear it and prance around your living room…

    and then post a tearful plea to leave Britney alone on YouTube…

    because you look terrible in runny mascara…

    just like Keith.

  2. And the link to YouTube for this event??

    I digress.

    Jerry, don’t steal her purse…hand her a single flower and walk away.

  3. Man, that reminds me of a story from the dark days when I was trapped in Palm Springs…the stolen purse led to a interesting night of the Macarena in a TGIFs…

  4. Lydia, that reminds me of one time late at night when Pat and I were doing some shopping at a drugstore.

    This guy comes tearing into the parking lot in a jumbo SUV, leaps out of the vehicle, leaving the door open and the engine running, dashes into the drugstore, buys a single long-stem rosebud, then dashes out to the vechicle and goes tearing off.

    I’m left guessing what he was going to be asking forgiveness for.

  5. *laughing* just caught this reply. Yeah… my younger brother used to buy long stemmed roses…trim off the thorns and a bag of kisses for Valentines then make his ’rounds’. His wife is high maintenance and every penny he saved back then went into her gems (I call her engagement ring the ice skating rink..2 or more Karats). But he was inventive.

  6. No man should ever give a woman a rose that has no thorns. A rose without thorns is just another pretty flower with good stink. The thorns are danger, the understanding of the peril of the promise made. Beauty and danger. Love.

    I just deleted a fairly long dissertation on the subject, but a rose by any other name is still sharp.

  7. Zorro never took the thorns off the roses he gave.

    i would have quit now
    but for a flower, a thorn
    a rose from zorro

    I put that on my blog last spring.

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