Wine Tasting

Miles: 315.3
Location: Grover Beach, just south of Pismo Beach in Central California.

Went wine tasting. It was good. I didn’t drive. That was good. Sentence, three words. Three words good. Right now the other five people in this house are all packed in the kitchen, making dinner. The ingredients going in are excellent; it remains to be seen they can compensate for having five (argumentative) chefs to make a meal for six people. Oooh, it’s complicated.

By the time I got up this morning (6:30), Mikie was heading out to go fishing with Art, who was already long gone (He gets up at 4:30, and he’s retired. How messed up is that?). When questioned by the distaff about what he would do with any fish he caught, he said, “It’s all catch and release.” Since none of us believed that he would catch anything, we were prepared to take him at his word.

When he showed up 45 minutes later with two fish in his bucket, No one seemed surprised that the “and release” part of his plan went out the window as soon as he managed the “catch” part. It seems Art decided that he would clean and eat the fish rather than buy a lobster for the big seafood dinner we were planning for the evening.

We spent the afternoon in the Templeton area visiting wineries. Had a lot of different wines, some very good, others not. We stopped by the pier to get our seafood but lobster season ended last week. We got a ton (… well, OK, 5 pounds) of shrimp and a load of clams as well. Dinner was good, and the wine drinking continued apace. Fun was had by all. Fell asleep watching Amazon Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

Hmm… A relaxing day, but not really the kind of entry that’s going to keep you glued to your set, is it?

7 thoughts on “Wine Tasting

  1. My doctor advises me to drink red wine. Good man. I always wanted to get into good wine, but every attempt was met with bad tasting wine or a really yucky, quasi-hangover immediately after drinking one glass. All that ended suddenly in the last year. I don’t feel bad after one glass anymore. I have no idea why, I’m suspicious middle age spread is “absorbant” of yuckiness. It can’t be related to sulfites because every wine I drink has ’em. I’m no sommelier, but I’ll plug one wine – At a post seminar wine and cheese (private university has its benefits) I sampled 2002 Gossamer Bay Merlot. Instead of the mouth puckering tannin overload of “finer” reds, this has a nice buttery tiny hint of sweetness. I drink it a lot, now. Its hit or miss, though, one bottle is great the next not. $6 – $10 depending on sale.

  2. That reminds me. I’d better cancel my wine-of-the onth club membership or my roommates will be drinking good wine on me.

    I ave been getting two bottles a month, and some of them were very good while others were not. This club likes Australians, it seems. The wines came with a brief description, and when I found one I particularly liked I would resolve to remember it for later reference. Of course, I failed at that. Wine is for drinkin’, not catalogin’.

    If you are interested in trying a variety of nice wines, I recommend that you join a club. You will learn more about the types of wine you enjoy and you will not have to wait fora special occasion to open a bottle of the fairly nice stuff.

    Jess, you might like some of the Italian wines. In that hot climate, they seem to lean toward lighter, less tannin-loaded wines. I’m drawing a blank on the one variety I shoud recommend, but when I think of it I’ll post again.

  3. how many of the adam comments are you?

    Also mention that T and I went to a fancy pants wine tasting at the local gourmet shop. Awesome food, and some wines (all red) in the $60 range. Can ya believe it, none of them flipped my switch. It was an evening affair, and when it was done they released us from the classroom back into the store…which had closed 10 minutes earlier. I dunno what business model they use, but building market and then closing shop before your potential customers can take advantage of their new knowledge is pretty dumb. Its a big store, though – one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

  4. I am Adam of Borg…

    See, Jerry – I am well suited for breaking software. Must be my r/e/p/e/l/l/e/n/t/ charming personality

    The Real Adam

  5. I think I fixed all my “false adams” except the one above. Oddly, this time the fields were filled in corectly to start with. Technology.

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