Sports Bar?

Location: Charlie O’s (map)
Miles: 845.6
Padres magic Number: 152

My fourth, and probably last, time here on this visit. Wednesday is cheap you-call-it night, and there are a few more people here. The bartender knows me well enough now to not need to ask me what I want. I have never had to correct her on the “need vs. want” question. I would not be in tonight except that the deadline was moved for the project I’m working on. I decided to allow myself false complacency and come and write rather than work late.

In the bar area there are four small tables, and I have sat at the same one each time. When The Fish or The Monster Within sells a bazillion copies they can put a plaque here. Over at the bar, they are talking an older lady into trying Patron, a better-than-average tequila. I get the feeling that it could be Tequila of the Gods and she’s not going to enjoy it. There is only a tiny bit in the glass. Her friends are saying things like, “you don’t even need a lime.” I don’t think that will be the issue.

Wait for it…

“It burns my lips,” was her judgment. Fair enough. If the others are disappointed, it is outweighed by their appreciation that she tried it at all. On the other hand, I suspect that any discomfort she suffers over the next week will somehow be the fault of the tequila.

I believe that the Padres are playing the Giants right now. Barry Bonds is threatening the all-time record for consecutive games with a home run. The Giants are worshipped locally. This is a sports bar – it says so right on the sign. The game is not on. I’m not complaining, mind. I could ask them to put the game on and I’m sure they would. It’s just an observation, is all. They’ve got Jimi Hendrix playing right now, and I’d hate to interrupt that.

The game is on now, but the music still takes precedence. Playing right now is “The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Mott the Hoople. I’m pretty sure that the only time I’ve ever heard that song in my entire life has been when I was playing it. I threw away that tape, along with almost all my cassettes, April 2th, the day I began the tour.

Holy crap, what is it with dudes and cologne in this place?
Padres magic Number: 151

3 thoughts on “Sports Bar?

  1. I share the same appreciation for tequila as the poor women coerced by otherwise well-meaning friends into trying something outside her normal repertoire. The results can be devastating. Ask the guy who gave me scotch.

  2. There’s scotch, and then there’s scotch. I was fortunate in that my first experience with scotch was very, very good — on a school field trip, my then-boyfriend had some Glenfiddich in a thermos (he told the chaperons it was coffee), and it was a heavenly experience — like chocolate, only cubed.

    Now I’m married, and my father-in-law’s drink of choice is scotch and water. But what he favors is the local cheapo brand. And the closest thing I can relate that stuff to is the residue at the bottom of a urinal.

    So don’t write off scotch yet. Get some of the good stuff.

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