Now With Pictures!

I’ve started going back through the posts and linking to pictures where appropriate. There aren’t many links yet (you can find a couple of them in the sisters of perpetual indulgence entry), so if you want to see all of them you can just link on over to here;. I encourage you to take a look. I think you can leave comments there as well.

I’ll try to do a better job linking them up in the first place as I go on, and I’ll try to make it more obvious what is a map link and what is a photo link. We will all be much happier then.

I’m getting used to iBlog, but I must say that the way it handles links is most inconvenient. Still, I’m getting better at it, and before long I will only mutter under my breath as I create the links, rather than my current practice of cursing.

6 thoughts on “Now With Pictures!

  1. I *like* blue. Somebody’s nephew who just got old enough for a learner’s permit likes blue.

    Of course, said nephew needs to be on his absolutely best behavior in order to get said learner’s permit. And a State Farm agent (who also happens to be the Rio Grande Sailing Club’s Commodore) recommends that said nephew not start driving until at least 16 — claims decline sharply after that age.

  2. Jer,

    Yellowstone opened the roads this weekend, I would suggest that you get here soon, unless you want to see a giant forest fire.


  3. I’ve had enough of fires. I have a deliverable on Wednesday then I’m hitting the road. Tahoe for a couple of days, then over your way.

  4. The Father-in-law took me to a stock car race in Hickory on Saturday. They had a 4 race line up: the stock car race for the ipower dash series (used to be the NASCAR’s Goody’s dash series, but not NASCAR anymore) with hopped up six cylinders; a powertruck race with 8 cylinder monsters, a legends race that is just bizarre – 40 laps of these mini cars that look like old 1930s and 1940s cars with motorcycle engines in em. And a new series…Mean Miatas. Yep, they had a 25 lap race of these stripped down miatas you would have loved. I believe they are mostly stock, except being stripped of mufflers, seats and adding a rollbar.

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