Work Sucks

He has a point. There have been few posts lately because I have a release due Wednesday which is standing between me and the open road, adventure, and all that. Of course, getting paid is nice – if only LeapFrog had an address to send my checks to.

So unless you want to know what I had for breakfast yesterday, there’s not much to add. Now it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting down in my command center trying to face fixing the last of the defects I have any control over, implement the latest design changes, etc. It’s not bad work, as work goes, it’s just that it’s work.

4 thoughts on “Work Sucks

  1. Hi Jerome,

    You are welcome to come fail at being unemployed at my house for a few days. You could use up your Southwest Airlines voucher to fly from Las Vegas to Spokane (and back later), rent a car (I doubt that convertibles are among the choices, but you never know)and cruise around the NW mountains using Colville WA as your HQ. I need to warn you, though, the best dial up rates we get are about 30K, so it may take you longer than usual to fail.

  2. Alas, I need the always-on sort of Internet to maintain a chat window with Leapfrog on weekdays. After Beta, if that does not result in a major redesign, I’ll have a few days with less stringent requirements, and I might be able to pop up there then. I must say, though, that LeapFrog has never missed a chance for a redesign in all the time I’ve worked with them.

  3. Speaking of high-speed Internet, is Archer tuned in to this blog, or if not, does someone have his email address?

    Laguna Vista is in an area that has been declared by the Federal government to be both rural and poor, so the feds want to give money to companies who provide high-speed Internet access. Unfortunately, the current access in the area is spotty.

    The folks in Laguna Vista, being an island of relatively well-off retirees in the midst of the rural, poor area, want good Internet access and cell-phone coverage. They want to put an antenna on top of the community center.

  4. The community center is on high ground, with fairly good line-of-sight for several miles around. The idea is that Alltel (the only cell-phone company hereabouts) would then pay the community center royalties on the antenna, which would help to cover the rising costs of insurance and heating the building.

    My thought was that maybe Archer’s business could provide wireless Internet for the neighborhood without getting Alltel involved. Possible? Or all wet?

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