A Big Day, part 3: Charlie O’s

Location: Charlie O’s
Miles: 691.5
Padres Magic Number: 159

I was going to make this part of the previous post, except for three things. Three things would just dilute the other entry.

Thing 1: When I walked in, Jake Peavey of the Padres was dominating the Giants, making them look like weak little sissy-boys. I sat down and made myself comfortable, estranging the rest of the bar by commenting that Peavey was making the Giants batters look stupid. No sooner do I open the Powerbook and start typing when I notice that Jake is not pitching and the Giants have baserunners. They intentionally walked the tying run, Barry Bonds (damn few hitters would get walked in that situation), and paid the price. Barry scored, as well as several other Giants. Padres lose.

Meanwhile, on the television in the middle, between the two showing the game, is a show that must have been called something like “Rodeo’s most horrible injuries”. Bull riding has the unique feature that when someone gets hurt, they keep on getting hurt, over and over, until someone else distracts the bull. In that, it makes perfect television.

Thing 2: A couple came in and sat at the next table, and one of them is so scented up it’s making my eyes water. I think it’s the dude. Someone needs to give him lessons on the difference between cologne and after-shave, and the sparing use of each. His girlfriend is showing no inclination to correct her man’s ways. I just want to smack them both.

Thing 3: I am sitting in a very comfortable bar, and the people seem friendly, but it’s not really a sports bar, even thought it says “Sports Bar” on the partially-obscured sign. The baseball game is over, and there’s been no attempt to find other soprts – like hockey playoffs. Offsetting that is a friendly atmosphere and I just had a nice conversation with the owner, who seems like a good guy. The staff is happy and the service is good. If there’s not some particular sporting event that you just have to see, and you happen to be in Scott’s Valley, then this is a good choice.

Plus, both the waitress and the bartender are cute.

Still here, still writing, and now there is a thing 4.

Thing 4: Stinky and Bride of Stinky just left, and I saw a couple of things that may be interesting only to me. They are more significant because it seemed that this was one of their first dates – everything was funny and everything was new. First, when the (quite attractive) woman got up from the table she did a little stretch that definitely put her best assets on display. I appreciated that as much as her boyfriend, I’m sure. The second and more subtle thing I saw was the tip check. On the way out she looked over her shoulder to see how much dough was lying on the table. Let this be a lesson, lads. don’t be a cheapass when you’re on a date.

4 thoughts on “A Big Day, part 3: Charlie O’s

  1. Comment on Thing 1: Did you happen to notice that that bull-riding rodeo thingie originated in Albuquerque?

    Comment on Thing 2: Maybe the guy would smell even worse without the cologne. Yikes!

  2. Yikes indeed! I suppose heavy cologne does keep people from getting close enough to discover what other smells your emitting, but if you think you need that much, maybe you should just stay home…

  3. Ah, yes – the dreaded tip check. I was first clued in to the tip check by some of my female friends when I was in my early 20’s. They felt that it was a good indicator of a variety of behaviour sets.

    That and snapping your fingers at wait staff…

  4. It’s only dreaded if you’re a tightwad – or if the service was bad. What then? Are you being generous or are you a pushover?

    OK, it’s also dreaded if the help was attractive and your date thinks they were flirting with you. (If your date thinks you were flirting with them, it’s already too late.)

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