Welcome to the World, Mr. Seeger

I’m a bit late in announcing this, but on March 5th fuego and MaK became parents, and the name Seeger found a Y-chromosome to hang itself on, to survive another generation. The little guy was impatient to get out and get going in the world, perhaps a bit too impatient for his own good. Everything’s going fine, however; the lad’s still in the hospital but they tend to keep the kids longer here even when they’re healthy. MaK has passed her training and is thus allowed to leave.

So, welcome to planet Earth, Zoe Lee Seeger. MaK insists that Zoe is a perfectly fine boy’s name, and, well, with she insists on something, that’s about the end of the discussion. fuego is standing behind her, as is right and proper, but there has been discussion of potential nicknames. (In the hospital, the nurses decided to label him with his middle name.)

fuego speaks highly of the hospital and staff, and I hope he got a picture of z-Dawg in the shopping cart he was being kept in.

Please join me in throwing best wishes in the direction of the new arrival and his family.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the World, Mr. Seeger

  1. My understanding is that many a fine female name started out as a fine, upstanding, male name. I could be wrong, but I believe both Leslie and Shirley began as men’s names. I had an Australian officemante, once, who insisted no one was named Jesse in OZ that wasn’t a girl. So here’s to you Zoe, welcome to the world, and to a fine name.

  2. Apparently naming a boy Zoe is frowned upon by the Czech Authorities. The name is not in “The Book”. I have not heard the official replacement, but I’m pretty sure fuego said that Lamíř would be part of it. Not sure I got that exactly right.

    (Despite the unicode encoding for the comments, your browser may not render the above name correctly. I’m looking into it.)

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