Congratulations, Cead Mile Office Holder

Amid much anticipation and hullabaloo, Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas had it’s 100,003rd visitor. And who, you ask, is the dedicated and enterprising individual who secured this honor?

It was not That Girl, despite her best efforts. When the count was at 100,001 she had a friend visit, then she came to visit immediately after that. It should have worked, but in the few seconds between her friend loading the page and her own arrival, someone else dropped by and stole the honor right out from under her.

This fortunate individual was not an Egg Friar; indeed, the person in question did not arrive as the result of a search at all. I think I know who the individual was, but in cases of this importance it’s best to make sure. So, here’s what we know of visitor 100,003:

  • The person was connected through cybermesa, a Northern New Mexico outfit.
  • The person was running Firefox on Windows 98 (that will slim things down a lot)
  • The visitor in question arrived via bookmark or typing Muddled Ramblings into the browser, not through a link
  • The person came by to visit around 6pm their time, only looked at the front page, and left without saying “I won! I won!”

As I said, I think I know who the mystery visitor is, but I don’t want to announce it without confirmation first. Things like this should not be taken lightly.

10 thoughts on “Congratulations, Cead Mile Office Holder

  1. Would 100,003 been good ol’ Mom? I wasn’t looking at the count, (I was just checking for news, etc.) but I have your site bookmarked, and through Firefox, and I run Windows 98 (that does slim it down a bit!)and Cybermesa! Since I check several times a day, I don’t remember the times. I don’t suppose that there is anyway to check? Why didn’t you have bells and whistles and balloons? What did I win?

  2. I am reasonably sure that it is Mom. She was on AOL (or at least AIM) a couple of minutes prior, so it’s a pretty good bet that Mom is CM3OH! Hooray! That you hit such a narrow window is surely a sign from the MuddleGods.

  3. Gosh, garbage out-taking and room cleaning won’t leave me much time to bake, but I guess bribers can’t be choosers…

  4. Yep, I’m sure it’s Mom.

    I had the laptop all set up with four different browsers, and I was planning to be at a place with high-speed Internet at the right time.

    Then, Thursday, the laptop’s screen died. It’s under warranty, but the computer will need to be shipped back to the factory to get repaired.

  5. Wherever I go, there I am. But, soon, very soon, Gerald will be but a few hundred km from Jerry, Lee, Marianna, and Zo.

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