Tools I Used While Installing a Dishwasher

Tape measure
Box knife
Medium flathead screwdriver
Small flathead screwdriver
Pliers, electrician’s
Pliers, slip-joint
Pliers, long-nose
Pliers, groove-joint
Wire stripper (crappy)
Desk lamp
Flashlight (cheap and annoying)
Extension cords (3)
9/16″ crescent wrench
7/16″ crescent wrench
Drill motor
Medium philips screwdriver drill attachment
Drill-screwdriver extension
3/32″ drill bit
Mazda Miata (1999)
Credit card
Tote bag, canvas (No Kid Hungry)
Wood planer (antique)
Belt sander, small (belts all broke)
Belt sander, medium (borrowed)
Dremel motor with cutting bit
Mini Countryman (2014)
Circular saw
Dust mask
Vacuum cleaner
Level, carpenter’s
Level, torpedo
Socket wrench, 1/4″ drive
Socket, smallish
Socket, very small
Packing tape
Duct Tape
Multi-tool (used by helper)
Towels, cloth
Towels, paper
Topical antiseptic

5 thoughts on “Tools I Used While Installing a Dishwasher

  1. Our relationship almost ended over a “free” dishwasher someone gave us with a loose piece of glass in it that wedged the impeller after a couple of (admittedly improved) wash cycles. That was: remove and haul out the old machine, install new one (new wiring and plumbing hookups), attempt to fix the new one in place, remove new one and re-install the old machine when attempt was “mostly failed” (since it was taking too long to acknowledge my failure), hire a guy to fix the machine (which basically involved swapping out all electro-mechanical parts for the price of a nice, used dishwasher), and then do another machine swap, with prolific swearing and barked knuckles on the way. That was close to man-week (Buggy time), and Never Again (“Remember the Amana”).

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