Tonight’s Sharks Game

The game is just under way. I tuned in to hear that San Jose had just scored. Woo hoo!

Moments later the goal was reversed. My sweetie tells me I’m not allowed to listen to any more of the game.

7 thoughts on “Tonight’s Sharks Game

  1. Sully, that has to be the understatement of the decade. Every year, just about, it seems the pundits pick the Sharks to go All. The. Way. The Sharks respond by getting the 1 or 2 seed then choking it up. This year they swallowed the Blackhawks broom!

    If you are a hockey aficionado (this might be the first time that term has been used to refer them) you have to love the Hawks – Flyers matchup.

    Blackhawks in 6. Book it. Done.

    I also enjoyed seeing the Czechs take the World tournament. The olympic sized ice sheet, not so much. Smaller rink = better checking game.

    • Interesting that the US and Kanada do well when the international play is in the US, where you can hit someone instead of having to play hockey…

      • More interesting that they do well when their good players are on the international team. I’ve heard talk of not having the IIHF tournament on olympic years. All the more impressive for the Czechs, because the Russians did have their best players, eager to avenge their olympic disappointment.

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