Tomorrow the adventure begins

First, the posts will (hopefully) be more interesting as I spin for you the story of life on the road, unfettered by good judgement. Second, the updates will be less frequent. I’ll keep writing stuff, but there may be periods with no updates then all of a sudden, wham, several days worth of fascinating drivel.

Keep the comments going! That way you’re giving the next viewer new things to read even when I’m not around. Remember, this isn’t just about me, it’s about community. (*sniff*)

On another note, moving sucks. Took the second truckload of crap to the dump today. Got a nostalgia twinge when I was throwing away some old dog toys, but I’m ready to be gone.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow the adventure begins

  1. Went to Callahan’s last night (4/1) and looked for you. Thought there wasn’t really a chance; that you’re already gone (like the Eagles). I would have looked harder (like under the bar) if I had known there was actually a chance (i.e. that you were still in town).

  2. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure I was there April 1st – in fact I’m certain of it, but I didn’t get there until later. I held out till midnight and gave myself a birthday toast. Before that I had been at a table writing.

    I don’t know what Latcho Drom means, but it sounds cool.

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