Today I worked on a story that has been rejected once. The changes weren’t big, but the thing does read a bit better now. It’s a little less cluttered; I think I was trying to fit a novella into a fairly long short story. A bit after lunchtime I repaired to bíl

4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Redisconnect with life? that phrase is suhhhweeeet.

    Well, a combination of holiday, weekend, and daycare closing caused me to leave the blog for an extended period. Sometimes I read from home, but, frankly, I’m through with computers when I leave the office. Ironically, my extended absence is precisely when you poop out a crapload of entries.

    As I binge my way through the several new entries I, of course, have a comment on each one. To the chagrin of the comment meter and the relief of the bloggcomm, I leave just this one.

    All I can say, dude, is I hope you have a dependable archive cause a lot of these entries will need to be collected into the “Collected short works of…” after your boat sails in.

  2. Hi Jer,

    May 22th should be Over Easy Day since it’s the 2th year anniversary of that ground breaking post.

    (As more of an omelet man myself, I’d love to see May 12th as Omelet Day if you don’t have a better name.)

    Can you please ask Andy the Egg Frier to come back and play? Another millenium of the most pervious and now illegitimate MOH (rhymes with Heath) will be tough to take.

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