Time Capsule

Before I left on the Homeless Tour, I put a bunch of stuff in a storage box. The assumption was that eventually I would have a home again, and I’d appreciate having stuff to get it started.

Ten years later, My Sweetie and I have unloaded that box into the photo studio, where now we must figure out what to do with an apartment starter when there’s no start needed.

Apparently, I anticipated needing lots of toys. Here’s a quick list of some of the items:

  • Volleyball net
  • 3 volleyballs (Indoor, outdoor, and spare, of course)
  • One golf shoe (the other was in my softball bag, which I’d pulled from storage previously, along with golf clubs).
  • various Velcro-based beach toys
  • Badminton set
  • Racquetball racquets and balls
  • Frisbees
  • Basketball
  • Ski boots
  • A set of (apparently) nice bocce balls.

I expect there’s more. The badminton set is pretty cheesy, a backyard-at-the-family-picnic sort of thing, while the volleyball net has been through a series of upgrades that rendered it pretty nice for a portable unit. I wonder if the sledge hammer is still in the bag.


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