This Might Be Fun

I’ve written quite a bit about my participation in the Cyberspace Open, and Long ago fuego and I were winners at the Duke City Shootout. Here’s a contest that combines the two: The 48-Hour film Project. You are given prompt, a prop, and a couple of other constraints, and in the next 48 hours you write, produce, and edit your entry.

I think I have the right group of friends to do this. It’s a bit pricey to enter, but the biggest problem would be getting us all to the right place at the right time. San Jose’s in August. Anyone want to come play?


5 thoughts on “This Might Be Fun

    • Just for the what-if-ness of it – though it’s too late to plan something like this this year — would you be able to play if we sighned up for the one in Asheville?

      Otherwise, there are other more exotic locations that would be fun or even Machinima in Novemberish – teams in cyberspace, though to make a film you still need some key people on one place.

  1. Sounds cool. Let’s see if this squirrel is still unemployed or otherwise engaged in nut gatherin’ then.

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