The quiet between games

It is quiet in the LIttle Café Near Home right now. Franta has thankfully hung the horn back up on the wall, the music is peaceful, and most of the patrons have gone home. Clouds in the west have hastened twilight, and the weekend streets are quiet. There is a hint of rain in the air, just a little extra something on the breeze that steals in through the open window from time to time. Pretty girls come in, buy cigarettes, and leave again.

Ghana beat the Czechs. The US team is about to play Italy. As you read this, you already know what happened (assuming you care at all). Consider this a message from the past, when things known to you were still mysteries. It is a naive message from an innocent time, a time when we suspected the US team was a joke, but we weren’t completely sure yet.

Ghana beat the Czechs. Italy must be celebrating as they prepare to meet their North American adversaries. If Italy beats the Americans, they advance. The Czechs will play Italy next, but they will play a man short due to a senseless red card in today’s game. If the US loses to both Italy and Ghana, the Czechs could very easily be eliminated, and Ghana would advance to the next round instead. Now the Czechs really, really need the US to win at least one of their games. That may be asking too much of the Americans.

It is game time, but the music plays on.

5 thoughts on “The quiet between games

  1. Bad Call! Baaad Call. The Americans have been called offsides exactly once in the tournament, and it cost them the winning goal tonight.

    If I understand the rule correctly, the guy wasn’t even remotely close to being offside. Because of this one call, Italy and Ghana may go on, instead of Czech Republic and United States (should US beat Ghana in a few days).

  2. If the player is gaining an advantage, then they are offsides. Mcbride was sheilding the keeper and was gaining an advantage. If he was five feet either direction, he could have been ignored. This is a judgement call and it was correct.
    That was the only call that made since in the game. This ref sucked and should be removed from the games all together. He was kicked out of the tournament on 1998 and has just now been allowed back in.

  3. What a cracker of a game, though.
    Italy makes me laugh. Every time. They are the funniest angry-folks around. Whee!

  4. And so, apparently, my benevolent reign as MOH has come to an end. I’m ready to declare my time in office a success, based solely on the paucity of posts by Mr.C3PO (or whatever). I can only hope that Friar Andy is even more successful than I was…

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