The First MOH of the New Blog

In the past few months the pivotal role of the Millennial Office Holder has been lost, overwhelmed by all the other news and my own laziness to keep track of this stuff. But now I am re-energized, and on top of that traffic to the blog is way down (Google has not approved of the move), making this business easier to stay on top of.

[Brief writer’s note: there’s an arbitrary rule created by a bunch of hard-asses in the early 20th century that says not to end a sentence with a preposition. The rule is a load of crap designed by a bunch of old men hoping to maintain class distinctions by creating an artificial “high English”, and the above sentence is proof of their folly. What are you going to say? ‘On top of which the business is more easily stayed?’]

Anyway, It’s time to revive the MOH. Visitor 121,001 was a googler from Pennsylvania looking for the recipe for Kofola. Happily, I’m confident that whoever that person was will never succeed in reproducing the most original soft drink in the world. Dr. Pepper is a mainstream chump compared to Kofola. It’s the licorice in Kofola that gets me, I think. Not a big fan.

Speaking of the Goog, I’ve seen an interesting trend lately. There has been a big slowdown in over-easy egg seekers and a huge increase in ‘New York Sucks’ searches. Did something happen over there? (On that topic, while I stand by the core sentiments of my original rant, several people have written in the comments about how damn cool New York can be and I believe them, and there have been people who agree with me completely that just perpetuate the stereotype. Irony abounds.)

8 thoughts on “The First MOH of the New Blog

  1. Hm… typo fixed. I turned off the thing that puts comments into an approval queue the first time they come from a particular address, so it really doesn’t matter what name and address you use.

  2. thug: ” It’s easier to say on top of”
    overeducated hipster: “You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition”
    thug: “OK. It’s easier to say on top of … biatch.”

  3. It’s “On top of which the business is more easily stood.” Or “On top of which the business decided to encourage one’s dog to take a big, steamy … ” no wait, that isn’t suitable for this blog. In reality, Jerry, face up to the fact that you have multiple fingers and many ways to address grammar anomalies.

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