Soup Boy Ain’t Got No Office Job

This isn’t new or anything, but I thought I would share it with you guys. Now let’s see if I get this YouTube thing right.

john ain’t got no office job

5 thoughts on “Soup Boy Ain’t Got No Office Job

  1. he made a rig that was mounted from his shoulder. It used a lot of tape, and stuck out about 2.5 feet. With proper physical discipline he could keep it solid on his face.

  2. Squirrley – that was Jesus Built my Hotrod by Ministry – Al Jourgensen’s (sp?) band.

    That dude has the look. I need me some elvis glasses. Everybody needs elvis glasses. Elvis glasses for everyone! Hoorray!

    From the Mud U. catalog…
    Soc. 452: Elvis Glasses – the political, cultural, and epistemilogical ramifications, including where to buy and how to where/wear. Prof. TBA. Room TBA

  3. Things I learned from my office job today:

    Yuba City, CA, is not in Yuba County, CA. It is in Sutter County.

    West Sacramento, CA, is not in Sacramento County, CA. It is in Yolo County.

    Behind every great man is a huge secret in his pants.
    (This last was in an email that I suspect might not have been entirely business related, and may perhaps have been sent to me in error. But it went to my business email address, so I count it among things I learned from my office job today.)

    The moral of this story: The Office Job is not always what it’s cracked up to be, but it has its moments.

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