Site maintennance under way

Doing some experiments. Disregard any messages you might see about needing a new browser (unless you’re using IE for windows). Please stand by… making progress… wait for it…………………………………….

OK, I think I’m done (for now) with the changes that will really cause trouble. Any messages you see about your browser are the result of your browser not rendering graphics according to standards. Make the Web a better place; don’t use a browser that makes its own rules. If you see the message above, go post-haste to

There are probably some other good alternatives as well, but that one I know is completely painless to install and works very well.

5 thoughts on “Site maintennance under way

  1. Hey, I like that typewriter font. Having problems with things hanging at the moment — I assume those are construction-related.

  2. I’ve been getting some pretty crazy results off and on through the day, but hanging surprises me.

    I created a PNG with an alpha channel and text the exact color of my heading bar, so it is only readable if the PNG is not rendered correctly. Works great on Mozilla and as expected on IE, but I ran into problems on mac this time. Whatever compositing quatz (the graphic engine in OS X) does leaves the text slightly darker than the background. I assume it’s Quartz because my old copy of IE for Mac renders it exactly the same way. I don’t want to show the “You need a new browser” message on systems where the rendering is plenty good enough, so I’m going to have to fiddle with that some more.

    Let me know if you’re still hanging up. I did add a javascript, but I don’t think I put it up there until after you posted.

  3. After doing a side by side comparison of mozilla and IE, all i can say is you shold make that “if you can read this” blurb a link to Dr. Pantz anti IE listings.

  4. Been thinking about that. I don’t want to make the image a link because people who don’t even know it’s there might accidentally click it. I should provide more helpful information in the text, however.

  5. I just signed on back in Albuquerque, using IE, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way you subtly but firmly explain the need for a better browser. Well done.

    I’ll be heading for Mozilla as soon as I’m finished with essential business here.

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