Should have issued a gambler’s alert

Right now the Charger-Baltimore game is at the 2 minute warning. I popped over to an Internet sports site to follow the game. When I remembered to look, there was about seven minutes left, the Chargers were up by six, and had the ball within field goal range. A quick glance at the stats showed that they were playing a good game. The first play that came over the ticker: 15-yard penalty. Now, four or five penalties and what appears to be two botched punts later (info is sketchy on these web update things), baltimore is within four and just completed a long pass. I have turned off the game tracker now.

I used to think that my San Diego Team curse was a joke, until last year when I issued this alert. The Chargers were expected to completely crush Miami. Note that the Padres have gone to the playoffs two years in a row for the first time in franchise history — the two years I’ve lived nine time zones away. The Chargers went to the playoffs last year, and are contenders again this year. They may have just played the lousiest five (game clock) minutes of football this season, and it was the five minutes I was paying attention to the game.

I’ll let you know ahead of time if I try that again, or (God forbid) go to one of the bars in town that shows American Football.

Meanwhile my eyes are clenched tightly shut until the game is over. I hope that’s enough.

5 thoughts on “Should have issued a gambler’s alert

  1. …and I suppose you also tuned into the Padre game yesterday at Arizona. I could tell the minute you tuned in: the bottom of the ninth, Padres with a 3 run lead, when Trevor gave up the first of two consecutive home runs. And I know the minute you tuned out: three batters later, right after the runner from Arizona was called safe at second, but right before the umpire reversed the call.
    Jerry, on behalf of all San Diego sports fans, I beg you to please stop paying real-time attention to San Diego sports. Unless you want to follow San Diego field hockey or wrestingly.
    PS: you’ve been secretly following the SDSU Aztecs for years, haven’t you?

  2. So sorry to contradict honorable Jerry-san. Chargers did not go to playoffs last year.

    But nuff of my nitpicking. I am off to obtain a global court injunction refraining you from following SD sporting teams. Ahh, who am I fooling. Nobody listens to the World Court anyway.

  3. Jerry,
    Can you watch the Dodgers instead? My mom loves them and hates the Padres currently. Haven’t heard her scream lately. *grin*

  4. It was a close call for the Chargers this week. The score (48-19) may not reflect this, nor does the near-perfect performance of the Chargers Offense against the hapless 49er defense.

    Here’s how close the Chargers were to losing:

    I was standing outside a bar that was going to be showing that game, debating whether to go in and watch the New Orleans Cinderellas followed by the Chargers game. The first game was still two hours away, however, and the thought of spending the next eight hours in a bar that was not conducive to getting work done was too much for me. I continued on my stroll and found a place where I could do some readin’ and writin’.

    Oh, and Squirrely Joe is quite right. This will be my third NFL season here in Prague, but last year I spent the end of the season back in the states and the Chargers did not get in the playoffs.

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