Quick Note to Blogspot Folks

Don’t know why it is, but when I try to post to your blogs using my OpenID, it doesn’t work. I’ve also failed with a couple other methods, and the remaining options are overly invasive. Tried two different blogs today (Dahveed, three times) without success.

Probably I’ll give in and use my fuckin’ Google credentials eventually, and hopefully that will work, but I’d really rather not. So, in the meantime, know that my silence is nothing personal.


3 thoughts on “Quick Note to Blogspot Folks

  1. Crap. I have no idea if it’ll help (I’m grasping at straws) but I disabled the captcha on my blog in case that was causing the issue. I’ll leave it off ’til the spambots find it. I’m hoping the OpenID thing sorts itself out by then.

    • I had hopes for that, since I’d never seen the captcha on your site, but still no love. so anyway, here’s what I wanted to say chez vous

      Johnny Ramone a better guitarist than Mark Knopfler? This is why reader polls (and now Farcebook “contests” where you vote by liking something) are so worthless. It’s not about quality, it’s about popularity.

      And perhaps Knopfler is a victim of his own skill — he makes the amazing seem so effortless.

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