Programming note: Recent Comments!

Unfortunately, the list of the last ten is as much as haloscan provides in the RSS feed. Most days there are many more than ten new comments, so you’ll still have to look around, I’m afraid. I do wish you could bring up all the comments in a single window the way I can, but alas, it is just not to be.

My ultimate goal is to provide a list of the entries most recently commented upon, instead of just the comments themselves, but that, alas, will require considerable effort on my part unless Haloscan decides to help me out.

Anyway, enjoy! I’ll be working on the formatting over the next few days.

15 thoughts on “Programming note: Recent Comments!

  1. Great, now I have guilt feelings about leaving this comment because I’m forcing the current number 10 off the digital plank. What if I believe my rudimentary use of the English language to poorly express my worthless point of view pales in comparison to the sparkling prose and wit of comment #10: dare I post and consign the better comment to the ashbin of history? Your blog has become a zero sum game. It’s not as friendly as it used to be….

  2. Goodbye, “It’s a good question” E3040636132 pL. I appreciate your affirmation of my question, but you’re on the bubble and this comment is going to kick you off.

  3. First, rocks. Seriously rocks. Next to the Daily Show, the best news source available.

    Second, If we’re going to get too worked up about the latest ten comments list, then I’ll just have to take it away. Take that, Thread: E1936643899! May you die in obscurity with your pathetic little words and opinions!

  4. The “ten most recent comments” thingie just doesn’t seem to add much. Or maybe it takes a certain amount of “lubrication” for it to make sense.

    Meanwhile, if you’re into naked news, one of the best newscasts is by Albuquerque’s Don Schrader on the local public access channel. We don’t get cable any more (it got too expensive), but if you do have cable in Albuquerque, you can watch this guy who is way into conserving this planet’s resources (especially clothing), and who has a really great bod. One (alas) problem for us women — he’s gay. But we can (if we can afford cable) at least look and drool.

  5. The only real advantage if the 10 most recent is that when someone puts a comment in a long-dormant thread you will know about it and can go back to the thread. Other than that, it’s not terribly helpful. There is a lot of interest over at the Haloscan forums in making it more useful, but no word from the developers concerning plans to improve it.

  6. Yeah, if you can get to the “10 most recent” list quickly enough. I notice that you did get to respond to Vanessa the over-easy egg fan, but only a short while later, she was history, a victim of insomniac blog fans.

  7. You know, at first I considered the “10 most recent” list more than a little pointless. But look how it’s revived the over-easy egg discussion!

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