One Month of Tsū

objectOver at Tsū, things are going pretty well, I guess. It’s a different sort of presence than I have anywhere else; At Tsū I’m a photographer who also writes a little.

I have a few followers there now, drawn by (I hope) the quality of the handful of photographs I’ve posted. And I’ve even made a little bit of money: FOUR BIG FAT CENTS!

The idea is that people who add value to the network by posting original content should share in the revenue. The reality is that some people just blast out content they find elsewhere, with minimal attribution, and when those posts attract attention those posters get paid.

But there is room for slow-but-steady, and there is respect for original content. The memes are few, and political screeching is completely absent from my feed. It will stay that way, because screechers will be cut off. I am a photographer there.

Compared to Facebook Tsū is pretty primitive, but I am starting to get comfortable, wiggle my toes in the grass, and enjoy the company of other photographers.

If you would like to see the Other Jerry, pop on over to and take a gander.

And drop by again every now and then! You might even enjoy it.


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